Sharon Clark 

Sharon is a hair and makeup artist with over 25yrs experience. She has worked across bridal, commercial, corporate and film. Sharon was the makeup artist on the multi award winning Scottish independent film Mia: A Rapture 2.0 Production and was nominated for best makeup. Sharon teaches at New College Lanarkshire. She finds great accomplishment in supporting aspiring artists on their journey to achieving their goals and dreams.

Stevie Douglas

Stevie is a director at ScareScotland who work with creators of the horror/Scare industry as well as work with those in TV and film who wish to use the genre. They train actors to be specialists in the horror genre. This can be a creature actor or an actor to perform awkward scenes that other actors may be uncomfortable with. They aim to bring professionalism to the scare industry and lift the performance levels of actors and those interested in this side of the entertainment industry. 

Seamore Neighbourhood Cinema

We are a community cinema based in Maryhill, Glasgow who, thanks to the Aspiring Communities Fund from the Scottish Government, aim to see our community thrive and prosper through the power of cinema.

Inclusivity is at the heart of everything we do. We want to empower our community by reflecting the aspirations, concerns and lives of our people and places on the big screen.

Kris And Dave Comedy

Kris And Dave Comedy write/direct comedy videos on the internet and for the BBC. They can be funny we promise.
Directors of CHRIS MCQUEER'S HINGS on BBC iPlayer now plus other Sketches! Short films! Music videos! 

Yad Dean

Yad Deen is a cinematographer, director and photographer from London, England, with extensive experience in the film and media industry across Europe. He made his directorial short fiction debut with Carga (Sony Pictures Entertainment/Shorts International, 2018).

Matt Cowan

Matt has had the privilege to serve as Creative Director of Production Attic, a production company specialising in documentary and factual branded content Matt's passion, however, lies in cinematic narrative storytelling, a skill for which has been honed in short film projects, music videos and commercials alongside factual work.

Matt has a love of animation so has also worked over the past few years with Axis Studios producing high end CG game trailers. Most recently as the Producer of short films for The Walking Dead