Fri 7th - 9th Oct 2022



Unlike other film festivals, The HB Film Festival will not make any selections until the Final Deadline closes. This means every film that is submitted has got the same chance of winning.

Submit your film now to be in for the chance to win one of the following awards


Best Short Film

Best Feature Film

Best Horror / Sci-fi / Comedy  Best Doc

Best Sound 

Best Script / Story


Best Editing

Best Score

Best Cinematography

Best Make up

Best Animation


Best Director

Best Costume

Best Male Lead

Best Female Lead

Best Scottish Film

Please find below the list of award winners from the 2020 HB Film Festival & the 2021 HB Film Festival

Best Feature Film - The World’s Best Film

Best Feature Film - Fall Back Down


Best Short Film - Trifle

Best Short Film - Regrets


Best Scottish Film - The Coffin Walk

Best Scottish Film - Trifle


Best Sci-Fi - Children of Chronos

Best Sci-Fi - Transmission


Best Horror - The Cancer Monster

Best Horror - Koreatown Ghost Story


Best Comedy - At Home With Nick Mullins

Best Comedy - The Coffin Walk


Best Animation - On/Off

Best Animation - Featherweight


Best Doc - Portrait Of A Baller

Best Doc - A Grand Artist


Best Story - The Turtles

Best Story - Danny’s Secret

Best Female Actor - Eva Morris The Cancer Monster

Best Female Actor - Ailish Symons The Widow


Best Male Actor - Michael Meredith Applebaum

Best Male Actor - Daniel Campbell The Treasurer


Best Director - Eyes Down

Best Director - Danny’s secret


Best Costume - Children Of Chronos

Best Costume - The Camera is Broken


Best Edit - Left

Best Edit - The Camera is Broken


Best Make Up - The Widow

Best Make Up - Children Of Chronos


Best Sound - Sunday 11:00 - 12:00

Best Sound - The Treasurer


Best Score - Transmission

Best Score - The Magic Word


Best Cinematography - Ashmina

Best Cinematography - Annabel Lee